Frequently Asked Questions

Whether this is the first home you’ve built, or one of many, you probably have a lot questions about us and how our process works. Below are many common questions asked of us during the process of deciding to build a home. Don’t see the question you are looking for an answer to? Drop us a line.

Should I choose Jubilee Builders to build my new home?

Yes…we are a well-established company that continues to build on a solid foundation of happy and satisfied customers. We offer value, quality, and service and we appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs.

Does Jubilee Builders have a large service area?

Yes…we build homes in southeast Alabama, southwest Georgia, and the northwest Florida panhandle. We are currently expanding our operation to include even more territory! Call to see if we are in your town.

Are you able to complete construction in a reasonable period of time?

Yes…construction time varies with the size and complexity of the house. Construction time, of course, can be affected by weather and other factors out of our control. But we strive to complete each home as quickly as possible while assuring quality construction.

Does Jubilee Builders build on concrete slabs?

Yes…all of our homes are designed to be constructed on quality concrete slabs. However, if your lot has special requirements due to slope, drainage, etc., we can redesign our homes for wooden floor system or off grade stem wall construction.

Does Jubilee Builders stand behind their work?

Yes…all of our homes are covered under our standard construction warranty. Our staff will be happy to help if you need warranty work.

Are your prices usually less than other builders?

Yes…we operate with a "Wal-Mart" perspective — huge volume = lower prices. Because of the tremendous amount of materials we purchase, we are better able to control the prices we pay to our suppliers. The savings is passed on to you in our lower construction cost.

Does Jubilee offer any upgrades?

Yes…upgrades are available on shingles, cabinets, ceiling height, exterior finishes and many more. We will be happy to explain each to you.

Can I make changes to plans?

Yes…your construction consultant will work with you to produce a plan that meets your needs.

Does Jubilee Builders help with financing?

Yes…we have associated ourselves with local banks in all of our service areas. We will introduce you to the right bank for you and provide any information from your contract they may need.

Can I build on my property even though it’s not paid for?

Yes…the banks we work with are usually able to assume any existing debt on your property and add that into your mortgage.