Your opportunity to realize significant cost savings.

Jubilee offers a unique approach to residential construction with a program that allows homeowners the opportunity to control certain phases of the process to realize significant cost savings.

Our DIY Equity Now Program appeals to the homeowner that prefers a more hands-on approach and has the ability to do some of the finish work themselves or coordinate with resources available to execute. This program offers additional ways to customize your home AND save money.

  • Water Well & Septic System
  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Bath Accessories
  • Final Grade & Landscaping

Water Well & Septic System

If your lot requires one or both of these services, it makes sense for you to call the well or septic company [the same companies we would call] to initiate work. Contractors will call the same companies and get the same price, but they will add a contractor markup fee for that service. If you make the call, you are only paying for services rendered, not additional markup profit for the contractor.

Painting & Flooring

These functions do not require a license or certification to perform and will allow you to take advantage of the resources you may already have. But if you need assistance, we have many resources and referrals that we can provide to help you finish this part of construction. Other contractors will not allow you to control this part of the process because these areas are subject to markup fees that add more contractor profit.


You do not need a building contractor to select appliances for you or to give you an allowance for those selections. We believe you know more about what you want and what you are comfortable paying. Our clients shop multiple locations for appliances to get the very best price—with no contractor markup!

Bath Accessories

Choose the accessories such as towel bars, paper holders, mirrors, and more that suit your style and budget—with no contractor markup!

Final Grade & Landscaping

After your home is constructed, final grade is the work that includes leveling and smoothing the land and spreading topsoil to create a desired look. This work is also preparation for landscaping. Final grade work must meet code and drainage requirements. Many of our clients choose to do this work themselves and save money, while some will sub it out. We can provide resources that will help you with final grading and landscaping to put the finishing touch on your Jubilee dream home.

And one of the best things about our DIY Equity Now Program is that all these costs can be added into your mortgage, so you are able to keep the cash savings in your pocket!

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