Today's new homes offer more benefits than ever before.

Here's why so many home buyers prefer new homes compared to used homes.

Design Your Dream Home Your Way

Why settle for someone else's choices when you can make selections that suit you and your lifestyle? From cabinets to flooring to appliances to fixtures, Jubilee Builders will help you create your new home to reflect your style, not someone else’s taste.

Choose a Floor Plan and Customize to Meet Your Needs

Want a larger master bedroom? It’s yours. With massive his and hers walk-in closets? Done! Want higher ceilings? Perhaps you’d like a garage or larger private patio. It’s easy with Jubilee Builders to customize your new home.

All New, Under Warranty

A used home likely has tired products that may soon need replacing. Your new home—and the products that comprise it—are brand-new and under warranty. What's the cost to replace a roof, appliances, countertops, or a water heater on a used home? Those components of your new home feature the latest designs and building materials and should offer you years of comfort and enjoyment before needing replacement. 

Energy and Cost Savings

Today's new homes are far more energy-efficient than homes built just 5 years ago. And just think about the improvements in today’s homes versus homes built 10 or 20 years ago. Why settle for drafty, energy-wasting older homes when you can build an energy-efficient and comfortable new home with Jubilee Builders.

Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Today's new homes meet stringent energy standards and codes not in place in the past. They combine high-performance energy efficiency with state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration. The result is year-round, draft-free comfort and higher indoor air quality. 

Low Maintenance

New cars today are computer-designed and computer-equipped. That's why they perform much more reliably than a car that's 15 or 20 years old. Homes are the same. Today's new homes have open floor plans and features that reflect the way we live today. They're also made of cutting-edge building products that require less care and maintenance.


State-of-the-art circuit breakers, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners that use the latest environmentally friendly coolants, cabinets, carpets, and paints that use fewer volatile compounds—new homes help you and your family breathe easier with safer technology.

That New Home Feel

A used home was someone else's dream, not yours. It reflects their choices and family memories. You may learn to love avocado-green appliances (and you may be willing to scrub stained countertops), but more and more people prefer that never-lived-in feel. 

After all, when was the last time you went to a department store and selected used clothes? Or visited a car dealer and paid more for a used car than a new car?

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