We never really dreamed that we would be able to afford to build a home.

— Trisha Dasinger

Customization of the home was very easy for us, because we did select a design that we wanted, that suited our needs.

— John Brewer

We wrote the check at the end, and it was exactly what they promised, no cost overruns, no big surprises!

— Dean and Diana

We were able to build a 2,500-square-foot Jubilee Builders home for less than some other company wanted to build a 1,500-square-foot home.

— Jon Levine

I definitely recommend Jubilee Builders, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer.

— Andy Weber

I think they have the best foundation plan in the industry.

— Bob Johnson

They are very, very energy-efficient and economical homes to operate.

— Bob Woodall

This will be our retirement home, so we wanted to make it ours. Jubilee was great about working with us on that.

— Kurt Pesinger

They gave us a definitive price from the beginning. The price we signed for on our contract was the price we paid for our home.

— Cindy and Keith Hamilton

We knew we were at the right place when Jubilee breathed life into the plans we had drawn up. They made our dream become a reality.

— Angel and Chris Urquhart

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for our entire home building experience. It truly was a pleasure doing business with your company from beginning to end, and we absolutely love our new home.

The entire staff and crew at Jubilee Builders were courteous and professional. Edwin was incredibly informative and excellent at providing guidance and advice in our planning process. He went above and beyond in his attempt to satisfy our every whim with plan modifications and upgrades. It was incredibly easy working with Edwin. He was so great to e-mail us information such as modified house plans, line-by-line cost lists for upgrades, and various informative websites that allowed us to do most of our planning from the convenience of our own home. Greg’s vast knowledge and ability to explain things on a level we could understand put all our home building fears to rest. We were thrilled about the time frame in which Jubilee was able to construct new homes as well as the cost, but also a little concerned about the quality with such a quick completion time and low price. Greg was so patient and courteous to explain every step and actually physically walk us through and show us the extra precautions Jubilee Builders take to ensure a quality-built home. We were on-site every day of the construction and were absolutely amazed at the quality of work as well as the expediency. Being present every day allowed us to see just how Jubilee Builders are able to construct such a sound home in so little time and at such a low cost. The fact is, the crew was always there first thing in the morning and worked constantly until late in the evening – there was absolutely no wasted time or materials. And finally, Larry’s expertise, creativity, and attention to detail were impeccable. He was so helpful in making suggestions on improvements, from big to minute, and willing and completely capable to make those improvements. Larry is one of the most hospitable and talented home builders I’ve ever met.

This is not the first home we’ve built, but by far, the most enjoyable thanks to Jubilee Builders. We’ve recommended Jubilee to many of our friends and consider ourselves two of their biggest fans. We truly believe that no one can beat the quality and affordability that Jubilee Builders provides to their customers. Thanks again for our beautiful new home and the superior customer service your company extended to us.

— Donald and Pam Leger

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